Muscle Gain…Strength Gained!

17 Sep

Most people say that muscle burns fat (Which in theory is true but in reality is false.)  As you gain muscle your body has to burn more calories to maintain that because it is living and growing (And makes you feel much better!!!) where as fat just lays there and needs nothing to sit around in (MY GUT!!)  Not only does adding muscle increase your bodies “BURN RATE” it relieves the pressure from your joints (Especially from your knees) as you work your lower body with your upper and just makes you feel like you have more “Pep in your Step.”  Some (Or most) people want to add muscle because it looks awesome but the positive effects it has on your body are amazing.  The other thing that adding muscle does (And I’m not talking body building muscle, just adding muscle to your frame) is it makes you stronger MENTALLY as well as physically!  I know that your saying no S#!& adding muscle makes you stronger but what I’m referring to is the MENTAL strength you get from learning to be disciplined.  You can’t just workout once a week and POOF there is muscle (At least most of us can’t.)  You have to put the program together and follow through with it.  It takes eating the correct foods, adding in the proper healthy supplements, working out consistently with specific goals and getting the rest required to allow your body to repair itself.  The mental focus you put forth to achieve your goals will build your mental strength as you change your body.  Pushing through what you think are peaks takes your mind to new heights which translates to more gains and more strength mentally and physically.  Even if you are just starting out with your program and haven’t starting lifting weights yet you are still getting stronger mentally.  The fact that you are working to change, working to get healthier and moving towards your goals already shows you that you are growing your MIND MUSCLE.  So as you gain that muscle YOU are getting more than you thought you would.  STAY IN THE GAME!


One Response to “Muscle Gain…Strength Gained!”

  1. Cynthia Quarta September 17, 2010 at 7:58 am #

    Great post, excellent suggestions! I’m going to link your blog to mine,

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